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Panaxeo Coding Arena

Welcome to the Coding Arena

The Coding Arena is a Panaxeo tradition. Every year, we measure our egos coding skills. For the second time in forever, it’s open to the public! Y’all are very welcome to enter!

This year is all about Battleships. Your goal is to win 200 matches and destroy all enemy ships by firing at coordinates in a square grid. Unfamiliar with the basic rules of this game? Read on.

How to play?

Sink all ships to finish a map. There are 200 maps in a single game. Your bot can play up to 20 games overall.

The bot starts a map by firing at coordinates. The map is a 12x12 grid. There are 6 ships to sink. Once you sink them all, the map ends.

Your goal is to use the least amount of turns to finish all maps in a game. This is your score. The lower your score, the higher you rise in the leaderboard.



You: 2+ years of professional IT experience

Prize: Nintendo Switch + awesome merch


You: < 2 years of professional IT experience

Prize: 1 year Skillmea membership + awesome merch


You: Are blessed to work in Panaxeo

Prize: 400 Eur + Personal poster in the Panaxeo Hall of fame

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